Frequently Asked Questions is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that pays you for engaging with high quality and high value offers and surveys. We partner with the best offerwall and market research companies to do so. It’s easy and can be done in your spare time. We pay you in Rewards which are in the form of virtual coins. These virtual coins can be used to purchase Reward Prizes which can be gift cards, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and much more.

Coins are the virtual currency of used to represent your wallet’s current balance. As with many other sites, 1000 coins is equal to $1.00 US Dollar. You can view your current coin balance’s value in the header and within the “My Profile” section.

After earning enough coin, you can redeem them for Reward Prizes by clicking on “Cashout” in our header. You can purchase Amazon Gift Cards & PayPal with more Prizes coming soon.

Split Drop reserves the right to ask the use at anytime to verify their email, phone number, and/or a government ID such as a Drivers License, Passport, or any other sufficient Government Identification to prove identity and date of birth.

Split Drop does not own any of the offerwalls we have integrated into  We act as a middleman between these companies and our users.

Split Drop does NOT have the ability to look into any issues you may have with your offers or surveys. Our partners deal with all customer service issues. Please click on their offerwall and then click on Customer Service to work through your issues.

Timewall has 10,000 points per $1.  Split Drop has 1,000 coins per dollar.  In the header of the "Timewall" oferwall you can see the conversion of Timewall Points to Split Drop Coins

Drop codes are posted frequently to users who follow Split Drop on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, or other socials.  They can also be emailed or placed on our site.  Drop Codes usually have a limited time window so it is important to follow Split Drop's socials and join our Discord 

Currently, users will earn either 

1. One Free Spin
2. Two Free Spins
3. Three Free Spins

Requirements for Drop Codes

1. Need to Earn a Penny Today:
The user must earn at least one (1) penny on the current day before the Drop Code can be redeemed.  Users can leave, earn cash, then come back to the Drop Code entry and reenter the Drop Code, as long as the Drop Code hasn't expired. 

2. Need to Earn a Penny Yesterday:
The user must earn at least one (1) penny the previous day (Yesterday). If the user did not earn the day before, they will not be able to Redeem the Drop Code

3. Need to Earn a Penny Yesterday and Today
A user must earn at least one (1) penny both Yesterday and the current day before the Drop Code can be redeemed

4. Just enter in the Drop Code to redeem free Spin(s)

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Follow Split Drop on our Socials and don't miss out on any Drop Code announcements. 

Reposting Drop Codes is forbidden. Users must get the Drop code from the location where it is posted.