Hello Split Drop users, here are some easy ways to earn on Splitdrop.com

1. MM WALL: Watch & Earn


MM Watch has its own virtual coin which accrues.  When you earn 100 MM Watch coins, you will automatically receive 50 Split Drop coins which are worth $.05 cents in your ledger. 

The example below has 27 more points to go before they earn another 5 cents. 


1. You can leverage a second screen and run continually while you continue to earn on your first screen.
2. Run overnight on a browser and wake up with as much as one to two dollars.
3. Run on your phone while not in use or also overnight, turning OFF your lock screen.
4. Click on Ads every once in a while to legitimize your account with MM Wall. 

Top users are running this 24 hours a day and earning bonuses.

2. Daily Bonus - View how top earners make $ 

Click/Tap on the Daily Bonus in the header or if on mobile in the bottom navigation, and then view on anyone in the top 25. You can see what each person has done to earn their coins. You can also see the date they joined, Earnings to Date and Total Bonuses of each user. 


3. SURVEYS - Why aren't I earning anything?

Just a heads up that for a new user it can take up to 20 surveys for the survey partners to be able to map up the appropriate surveys with the greatest chance of completion.  

You have to answer the questions honestly and accurately. These survey partners will ask you the same questions over and over again and if the answers don't match from previous questions, your going to have a harder time getting quality surveys.